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Patrick O'Shea

Mortgage Broker

Patrick was born in New Jersey but spent most of his childhood in Northern Virginia.  He attended Gonzaga College High School in Washington, DC because his mom wanted him to have "a good Jesuit education."  After completing his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Oregon, he did what many would agree is the smartest move for recent college graduates- he moved back home to join a reggae band with his buddies from middle school.  For the next 2 decades his band SOJA toured the world playing thousands of shows in over 30 countries, recorded multiple albums, performed on The Tonight Show, and in 2022 even won a Grammy.  Along this journey of constant travelling, Patrick bought his first house in Denver,

CO in 2014.  It was this move where he developed his passion for real estate, and he began to understand the power of home ownership to build wealth.

"My first loan that I got with Wells Fargo was very confusing. Trying to make sense of escrow, equity, discount points vs. lender credit, APR, amortization, principal, PMI, title insurance, etc… That stuff was all a mystery back then. I just signed." With a goal to have an easy and transparent process for home buyers, Patrick learned the terminology, passed his NMLS test, and now provides excellent service as an independent mortgage broker with Edge Home Finance.

"I am trying to simplify everything.  Once a client is qualified, we strategize together to find the best financing available for their specific goals.  It's very rewarding knowing that they feel comfortable throughout the whole process, it should not be confusing or stressful."

Patrick loves music, golf, NBA, gardening, and cooking (also eating.) His hot sauce "Paddy O's Potion" was featured on the YouTube series Hot Ones where it was tasted and critiqued by Gordon Ramsey, Scarlett Johansson, Shaq, and Billie Eilish among others. He lives in Portland with his wife Karla, their son Charlie, and 2 rescue dogs Omar and Alfonso.